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What Will A Florida Divorce Lawyer Ask Me?


Delaying a first meeting with a lawyer when considering divorce is common. There are many reasons why this happens, some people are unsure if they are ready to launch the divorce process and others are unsure how to prepare for initial conversations. It is important to know that first meetings are simply an opportunity to discuss what your goals are and for a West Palm Beach family attorney to share with you what outcomes could be possible.

Questions About Separation

When you meet with a legal professional to talk through the possibility of divorce, they will likely ask you if you are currently separated. And if you are, if the separation is formal or informal. If you and your spouse had a legal agreement drawn up, you are formally separated. Other couples move apart without drafting documents, leading to an informal separation.

There are many issues connected to where you are living, including who is residing in the marital home and if there is a parenting plan in place if there are children involved. Sometimes, if one spouse wants to retain the family home even if the marriage ends, staying within it is in their best interests. Then, they could be investing in the property through maintenance and payments, for example.

Developing a List of Desired Outcomes

Unless you and your spouse are in agreement on the terms of divorce, you will need to develop a list of your priorities. This is helpful for your attorney as they need to know what you want your life to look like once a divorce is finalized. For some, it is essential to them that they remain in control of financial investments they built up over the course of a marriage. Others are comfortable letting assets go if they are able to have decision making authority when it comes to the education choices of the children.

Disclosing while the union has broken with a West Palm Beach family attorney can also provide your lawyer with information on how to strategize a resolution that obtains your goals. Infidelity, gambling issues, and other transgressions could lead to you securing the custody arrangement you are seeking or the spousal maintenance payments you need to continue the same standard of living.

When going through a life change, it is natural to feel nervous. But instead of focusing on the discomfort, simply make a list of questions and connect with a skilled lawyer to get the process started.

Are you ready to talk through your divorce questions with a Florida family lawyer? With an experienced legal professional working for you, the strong future you are seeking is possible. Discussing your goals is part of the process, share the facts of your situation with the knowledgeable family legal team at Bruce S. Rosenwater & Associates to get the divorce process started. Our attorneys have the skills you need and we can answer all of your family law questions and strategize a path forward with you. Schedule your free consultation today.

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