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West Palm Beach Child Support Attorney

Florida law requires parents to financially support their children, and if parents don’t live together, that support generally comes in the form of child support payments made from one parent to the other. At Bruce S. Rosenwater & Associates, P.A., our West Palm Beach child support attorney helps clients establish fair and reasonable child support arrangements that accurately reflect parental means and child needs. This includes helping to modify and enforce child support orders when necessary.

How Is Child Support Determined in Florida?

In Florida, the amount of child support that a parent must pay is based on guidelines provided by Florida law. These guidelines are used the first time that child support is ordered and every time the child support amount changes. They are also used to review child support orders to determine if the support amount should be changed. The Florida child support guidelines consider the income of both parents, the child’s health care and child care costs, the standard needs of the child, and parenting time. The goal of using the same guidelines in every child support case is to help make sure support amounts are fair. However, there are special circumstances where child support should be higher or lower than the guideline amounts. An experienced Florida child support attorney can determine what a fair child support amount is in your situation.

Can I Get a Florida Child Support Order Changed?

As time goes by, child support orders may need to be changed to meet the current needs of the parents and child. Under Florida law, you can request a child support order review and modification if your current child support will not end within six months from when you make the request, your support order has not been changed or reviewed in the last three years, or you can show a significant change in your life, such as an increase or decrease in income or a change in your child’s needs. Other reasons to modify a child support order include adding or removing a child from the order, extending the time support needs to be paid, and adding or removing medical support from the order.

Can Child Support Payments be Taken Out of a Parent’s Paycheck?

Child support payments may be taken out of a parent’s paycheck when the support order includes an Income Deduction Order. To start income withholding, however, the Florida Child Support Program will need employment information for the parent who owes child support. A West Palm Beach child support lawyer from our firm can help secure child support payments through income withholding if necessary.

Speak with a Knowledgeable West Palm Beach Child Support Attorney

If child support is going to be an aspect of your divorce or you need to seek, change, or enforce child support payments in any other circumstances, please contact Bruce S. Rosenwater & Associates, P.A. for an attorney consultation. We are here to help you navigate Florida’s child support system.

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