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West Palm Beach Child Custody Attorney

All parents struggle with how a divorce will impact their children’s emotional stability and their day-to-day schedule. With the help of a compassionate and skilled West Palm Beach child custody attorney, the needs of your children can be protected throughout the divorce process. At Bruce S. Rosenwater and Associates, P.A. we advise you on all of the decisions that will impact your children both now and into the future.

Is “Time-Sharing” the Same as Custody?

Florida courts use the terms “parental responsibility” and “time-sharing” instead of the more commonly heard vocabulary of child custody and visitation. Time-sharing is the amount of time each parent is designated to spend with their children. If a parent has decision-making authority to plan their children’s education, religion, medical care, and discipline matter then they maintain parental responsibility. Some divorces end with one parent assuming sole parental responsibility while other parents are able to coordinate and share the decision-making.

What Does a Florida Parenting Plan Cover?

The more detailed the parenting plan is, the more likely the court will accept it without any modifications. In Florida, the court is looking for a parenting plan that lists how the parents are going to split time with the children, who will be responsible for daily tasks associated with the children, and who will be taking care of medical and school-related concerns. It is also important to list what technology the children and parents will have access to for communication purposes. An experienced Florida child custody attorney will help you complete and submit a detailed parenting plan that takes into consideration all of the details such as what to do during holiday breaks, how to handle after school programs, what will happen if a child ends up sick, and why it might be important to designate communication times.

What if My Marriage is Too Strained to Agree on a Child Custody Plan?

Some marriages are so strained that both parents cannot reach agreements about a parenting plan. If this is the case it is important to know that either spouse may submit a parenting plan before the final custody hearing. Creating a detailed parenting plan that considers the best interests of your children will increase the chances that a judge will take your proposal into account and rule favorable towards the outcome you are seeking. A West Palm Beach child custody attorney can guide you through Florida law so that your parenting plan proposal will be accepted by the court.

The West Palm Beach Child Custody Attorneys of Bruce S. Rosenwater, P.A. Can Help

Divorces can create upheaval in a family, but a well-executed parenting plan can help children through the transition. If you and your spouse are preparing to divorce, it is time to seek the guidance of a qualified West Palm Beach child custody attorney who can protect your parental rights and your children’s needs. Contact Bruce S. Rosenwater & Associates, P.A. at 561-688-0991 to schedule your free consultation with our attorneys today.

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