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Modifying FL Child Support


When a couple divorces, there are terms, agreements, and parenting plans. It is possible the court will award one parent child support, a set amount they will receive from the other parent each month. A child support payment amount is often connected to the incomes and resources of the parents. But if the circumstances change, adjustments may be necessary.

Support payments are ordered to assist in a wide range of child rearing expenses, including payment for housing, food, daycare expenses, extracurricular activities, and more. Because the receiving parent is relying on the payments, it is essential that the appropriate steps are taken if you are seeking a modification. Do not avoid or stop payments out of the blue, doing so will only create more problems as payments are enforceable under the law. To learn about what modifications could be available for you, connect with a West Palm Beach family attorney.

Job Loss, Income Boost, or Change In Needs

There are different reasons why modifications may be pursued, but they have to be connected to changes in circumstances. You will not receive a modification if your reason for wanting one is emotional in nature. There needs to be a documented shift in the finances of one or both parents. Reasons could include one or more of the following:

  • A parent has lost their job or source of income.
  • The needs of the child have shifted.
  • An income has been raised by a promotion or job change.
  • One or both parents have remarried.
  • The percentage of time a child is residing in each house has changed.

If you are paying support to your ex-spouse and they remarry or experience an income boost, they may no longer need the amount of child support you have been providing. After all, when child support payments are calculated, the resources of both parents are taken into consideration.

Verbal Agreements and Formal Review

There are times when parents are able to make shifts in payments through verbal agreements. For example, parents may be in agreement about a child attending a certain school so the parent paying child support is open to paying an additional amount each month to make it possible for the other parent to afford the rent in a particular neighborhood. But whether you are making a verbal agreement or pursuing a change through the courts, discuss your situation with a West Palm Beach family attorney to understand your options.

Do you need a FL child support modification because you can no longer afford the amount awarded? If you have experienced a pay cut or job loss, an adjustment could be possible. Share the details of your situation with a seasoned legal professional so you can get your financial life back on track. The knowledgeable legal team at Bruce S. Rosenwater & Associates can build the strong future you are seeking. To get started, share the facts of your situation with our attorneys. We will answer all of your questions and outline possible resolutions. Schedule your free consultation today.

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