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West Palm Beach Divorce Attorney > Blog > Child Support > Life Shifts and Child Support Changes in Florida

Life Shifts and Child Support Changes in Florida


Child support ensures the well-being of children whose parents are no longer together. While a support award amount may be fair at the time it is set, life is dynamic, and circumstances can change, necessitating modifications to existing child support agreements.

If you are wondering how to seek a modification, recognize that not all situations will garner approval, only certain life events will be granted a modification. Before you move forward with your request, connect with a seasoned West Palm Beach family attorney. A lawyer can inform you of your options and file for a modification on your behalf.

Circumstances Leading to Modifications

Several life events can significantly impact a parent’s financial situation, warranting a modification of child support. Often a court will grant a modification if any of the following circumstances arise.

  • Employment changes. Loss of a job, a significant pay cut, or a new job with a substantial increase in income can all be grounds for modifying child support.
  • Medical issues. Serious illness or injury that affects a parent’s ability to work and earn income can justify a change in support obligations.
  • Change in child’s needs. If the child’s needs change, such as increased educational expenses, medical treatments, or extracurricular activities, a modification may be necessary.
  • Custody arrangement shifts. If the custody arrangement changes, impacting the time each parent spends with the child, a support modification might be appropriate.
  • Cost adjustments. Large changes in the cost of living, either due to inflation or changes in the local economy, can also be grounds for modification.

Often a new support amount can be negotiated with the assistance of a family lawyer. Landing on an updated figure through discussion can have numerous benefits. For example, both parents will have more control of final determinations while a lawyer works to ensure that any agreement reached is comprehensive and equitable, increasing the likelihood that the court will approve it.

When to File for a Modification Through Legal Channels

While negotiating a modification out of court is a more amicable process that often results in lower expenses and less stress, there are situations where filing for a modification through legal channels is necessary.

If one parent refuses to negotiate or reach a fair agreement, for instance, going to court may be the only option. Or there may be a dispute about each parent’s financial situation, so a court may need to objectively assess the evidence and make a fair determination. There are also cases where immediate changes are needed due to sudden financial hardship and a court can expedite the process.

Your West Palm Beach family attorney will be sure that throughout the modification process there is detailed documentation to ensure your agreement meets all legal requirements and is enforceable.

What life change have you experienced that has led you to consider a support modification? Negotiating with the support of the legal team at Bruce S. Rosenwater & Associates means you can access a fair and comprehensive agreement that benefits both parents and children. Schedule your confidential consultation to learn more.

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