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Mary-Kate Olsen Denied Emergency Divorce Filing


One half of the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate, recently filed for divorce in New York City. She was hoping to get the divorce through the courts quickly, but the judge ruled that her divorce was not an “emergency” despite her petition. This has caused some to speculate as to whether or not the presiding judge was attempting to send Mary-Kate a very loud and public message.

Why the Need for Urgency? 

Obviously, the court didn’t feel that the matter was urgent enough to hear, but Mary-Kate disagreed. The question is why. According to TMZ, Mary-Kate was looking to speed up the divorce process because husband Olivier Sarkozy allegedly terminated the lease on the couple’s apartment and Sarkozy’s attorneys have allegedly sent a sent notice that she needs to vacate the apartment by May 18.

At present, Mary-Kate is residing with her twin sister Ashley while this matter is resolved.

Urgency Isn’t Out of the Question 

While the courts may be shut down during the coronavirus pandemic, couples who want to split immediately do have other options. One option is to hire a retired judge or qualified mediator or arbitrator to split their estate amicably and move on to a new phase of their lives.

The ultra-rich do tend toward mediation because the agreement remains private as opposed to public (which is what would happen if their assets passed through the courts for division). On the other hand, mediation assumes that both parties are not widely far apart on serious issues. It also assumes that both parties can reach an agreement and make compromises.

One possible way to interpret Mary-Kate’s actions is that she did not think her situation with her husband was capable of being mediated. Let’s face it, forcing your wife out of the apartment during a major pandemic is not an act that leaves a lot of room for reconciliation.

Nonetheless, mediated divorces do tend to go faster, reach their conclusion sooner, and are uniquely suited to bring fast results. On the other hand, litigation ensures that one couple gives themselves the opportunity to get everything they want from their ex. It takes longer, it costs more money, but letting the court decide means that you don’t have to give any ground. Is there where Mary-Kate and Sarkozy’s marriage is headed? It’s difficult to say.

The court is likely refusing to hear any cases that don’t involve an immediate threat of danger. These include cases where domestic violence or abuse in the home are serious threats to family members. The court is refusing to hear cases where an extremely rich person can simply go live with her extremely rich sister. Mary-Kate will not end up on the streets begging for change. This will force the couple into a room to make decisions for the immediate future. When the pandemic has ended, the two will be able to pursue their divorce in the courts, if they choose.

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