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Couple Takes Divorce Photos to Commemorate Their Uncoupling


Everyone has heard of wedding pictures, but one cheeky couple chose to commemorate their divorce. They posted a Facebook picture of Shalena Cassanova holding up a sign while kneeling that asked, “Will you divorce me?” Her ex-husband was standing nearby with another sign that gave an enthusiastic “yes”.

The stunt was not without its detractors and the couple has since made the photos private. The couple said that while they do not condone divorce, they are not ashamed to celebrate the end of their marriage.

Casanova told the press that the decision to divorce her husband was made for their children. She said that staying together for the sake of the kids was a bad choice and that hers and her husband’s decision to divorce was made with the children’s needs in mind.

Does Divorce Hurt Children? 

Children, like the elderly, like routine. When everything is the same way it was yesterday, children are happy. Their environments are predictable, their schedule is predictable, and life moves forward without any unpleasant surprises.

While divorce certainly throws a wrench into the works, the emotional toll of having a primary caregiver who is miserable with their living situation can sometimes be worse. Those who are in high-conflict marriages may do better when living separately and their children may do better too. The question that parents end up needing to answer is whether or not their environment at home is too toxic to remain sustainable.

When Divorce Hurts Children 

Some of the studies we have seem to indicate that children are the most confounded by divorces in which their parents appear very seldom to be in conflict. This applies to around 50% of all U.S. divorces. In other words, marriages with less obvious conflict produce children who are less happy about the divorce.

In a lot of ways, regardless of the amount of conflict of the marriage, the strain on the family becomes greater. Whereas once both parents were paying to sustain one household, resources will be tighter once they’re operating out of different homes. For the children, going back and forth between two homes can be confusing.

Divorces that have a low amount of apparent conflict are much more confusing for children. Children who have parents who are screaming at each other all day can generally get a sense of why this is happening. If everything seems fine, and then one day, mom and dad are living in separate homes, the child’s imagination fills in the blanks as to why that’s happening.

For that reason, the parents can do everything in their power to maintain a cooperative relationship, but if the children don’t understand why the divorce is happening, it can cause them distress. So the parents must do a cost/benefit analysis to determine if the stress of the divorce is less than the stress of maintaining the marriage.

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