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Will the Coronavirus Impact Your Divorce?


The coronavirus has taken over just about every aspect of our daily lives. Marriages, as well as society, appear on the brink of collapse. But those who are only now coming to realize that the person they cohabitate with is not their one true love are not the subject of today’s blog post. Today’s blog post is about those who were going through divorces prior to the coronavirus and now must navigate the legal system during this very trying time.

Will Coronavirus Impact Your Divorce? 

Most people who are presently engaged in a divorce are eager to have it behind them. After a few years of this, most recognize that their divorce is never really behind them. There will be future hearings concerning alimony, child support, visitation schedules and all of these will need to be ratified by a judge in order to have the weight of the law behind them.

So chances are, if you’re in the middle of your divorce or have just begun the process, it may feel like everything is getting pushed down the road and delayed, but the fact is, having a finalized divorce does not mean that you are finished with the process.

Meanwhile, your attorneys are hard at work (and so are the courts) who have begun implementing ways to streamline the process of filing documents and reports. So unless it involves a formal ruling by a judge, chances are good that everything is still going as planned and better, still, it will only be a matter of time before your divorce is finalized.

Will Coronavirus Impact Your Finances? 

Chances are, it has or it will. It’s also distinctly possible that settlement arrangements made prior to the divorce or divorce decrees that have already established alimony and child support can wind up before a judge again while spouses claim they suffered significant financial losses because of the coronavirus. This could end up being absorbed by parents who are the primary caregivers to children, but extended unemployment and stimulus cash may be able to stem the bleeding, at least for the time being.

Those who end up borrowing their way out of their current situation will face new financial liabilities even as the courts enforce orders that were based on circumstances present before the virus outbreak. For those for whom this will become their current situation, having their documentation in place can be the difference between going even further into debt and negotiating new support payments based on their current post-coronavirus financial situation.

Visitation and Custody 

The courts announced that prior to the shutdown, there would be no changes to already-existing visitation schedules unless they were absolutely necessary to the safety of the children. Parents worked out creative ways to deal with the kids being home seven days a week with those who were put out of work because of the virus becoming primary caregivers while the other parent supported the country. For most, the virus should not have had any impact on visitation, but there are those who will not be able to access their children during the lockdown.

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