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Science Tries to Predict What Factors Lead to Divorce


Scientists use statistical models to determine what will probably happen. Scientists also identify factors that make something more likely without necessarily being the lone cause. While there are severe limitations to using generalized information for predictive models, it can be interesting, if not entirely useful, to outline potential risk factors in divorce. So what does science have to say concerning specific behaviors that are likely to result in divorce?

Too Clingy Too Soon 

Social psychologists have identified something called a push/pull relationship. However, some individuals are more likely to “pull” than they are to push. In cases where both individuals develop intense feelings very quickly, scientists report that they are more likely to divorce than those who don’t. One divorce expert believes that these overly-showy displays of affection are actually compensatory gestures for something that is lacking in their relationship. These relationships do not tend to survive the “honeymoon” period.

Your Relationship is Void of Conflict 

According to the study, couples who either do not talk about problems or sort them out too quickly are more likely to end their relationship than others who don’t. Therefore, conflict-free relationships are considered a harbinger of bad tidings. It stands to reason, however, that these relationships are not “conflict-free” at all, they just have conflicts that aren’t being addressed.

Your Wedding Ring is Expensive 

One study compared the value of a wedding or engagement ring to divorce rates. The study indicated that the more expensive the ring was, the more likely the marriage would end in divorce. Scientists interpret these counterintuitive finds as indicated that the couple will not fare well amid financial turmoil. It does not, however, indicate why divorce rates among the rich are lower than those among the general population.


Genetics are a factor for divorce. Let’s face it, not all of us handle monogamous relationships well or are particularly well-suited for family life. Nonetheless, many believe that raising a family is the best thing they can do. Eventually, genetics wins. Indeed, it seems that divorce can be handed down from generation to generation, but the question of nature versus nurture is still a matter of debate.

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