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West Palm Beach Divorce Attorney > Blog > Bankruptcy > Can Bankruptcy Law Firms Reduce Debt?

Can Bankruptcy Law Firms Reduce Debt?

Bankruptcy law

It happens to the best of us, small bills can grow into giant mountains of debt due to job loss, medical expenses or simple lack of planning. Whatever the cause, debt is as frustrating as it is debilitating. If your delinquent bills are accompanied by threatening calls from collection agencies or the looming danger of foreclosure, it’s in your best interests to seek the help of bankruptcy law firms in West Palm Beach. At Bruce S. Rosenwater & Associates, P.A., we’re not your everyday bankruptcy law firm. Our attorneys work towards the goal of bringing our clients to a fresh financial future with professionalism and attentive care. Declaring bankruptcy is never easy, but it may work to your advantage with our help.

As the economy still struggles to recuperate from the recession, homeowners find themselves paying mortgages with mortgage rates from years past. Today’s mortgage rates are at historic lows, but many homeowners are simply locked into an existing rate that’s unaffordable. If you’ve unsuccessfully tried to refinance your mortgage, you’re still stuck in the high interest rates and payments. Instead of accepting foreclosure, declaring bankruptcy in West Palm Beach may be able to help you find a solution to these expenses.

Student loans, medical bills and credit card debt are other overwhelming circumstances that can bring many people to bankruptcy. When our culture is so focused on getting our hands on the newest technology and fashions, the desire to keep up can push people into bankruptcy. Getting a hold of the newest smart watch or tablet may be great for a few months, but once the newness has worn off and the fad has wandered elsewhere, you’re stuck with this expensive technology and even more expensive bills. Instead of finding the newest craze, why not find your way to financial relief? Bankruptcy presents an opportunity to find a new financial start free from overwhelming debts. Still, bankruptcy can be an incredibly complicated legal process. It’s best to trust in our firm to help you through bankruptcy.

There are many bankruptcy law firms in West Palm Beach, but few firms are as dedicated as our team at Bruce S. Rosenwater & Associates, P.A. We can help you determine your best course of action when it comes to filing for bankruptcy. There are different types of bankruptcy, and each brings its own benefits. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can offer full removal of unsecured debts, but the exchange is the liquidation of nonexempt assets. Chapter 13 bankruptcy typically involves debt restructuring rather than liquidation, but the process may take longer. An attorney from our firm can help you determine your best bankruptcy course of action. We’re dedicated to helping you find your most ideal financial solutions. In fact, we will even offer the full honesty to let you know if bankruptcy isn’t your ideal option. Call today to begin starting on your fresh financial path.

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