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West Palm Beach Divorce Attorney > Blog > Family Law > Should You Sell The House When You Divorce?

Should You Sell The House When You Divorce?


For many, selling the family home is the best path forward when going through a divorce. When divorce is inevitable, selling the house means both individuals can move toward the future in separate homes and assets from the house sale can be clearly divided.

But putting a Florida home up for sale is not always possible. For example, one of the people may want to keep the home. Of course, if they can afford the house on their own is another issue. If you have a strong opinion on if the family home should be sold or not, and your opinion is different than that of the individual you are divorcing, discuss the dispute with a West Palm Beach family attorney to discuss your options.

Reasons Why You May Want to Maintain the Family Home

If you want to keep the family home, you need to be clear about why you are objecting to putting the house up for sale. Your reasons could be one or more of the following:

  • Wanting to secure other aspects of the divorce so it is understood how all assets and debts will be handled.
  • Concerns that the home will be going up in value in the future, possibly because a remodel is not yet complete.
  • A desire to have children remain in the home, so they can continue to attend the same schools and be connected to the same neighbors.
  • There are emotional connections, such as a loved one who helped pay for the home or was instrumental in the redesign of living areas.

Being clear about why you do or do not want the home is important in order for your lawyer to negotiate the terms of your divorce agreement.

Compromise May Be Possible

Once a Florida family attorney understands your goals, they can strategize how to secure the future you desire. For example, keeping the family home may be possible if other aspects of the divorce are adjusted. Or, if you want the income out of the home, a payout could be an option.

All marital property, assets, and debts are assessed and distributed through the divorce process. Emotional attachments to properties can complicate the process. But, ultimately, there is a financial figure attached to real estate.

An experienced legal professional can help. West Palm Beach family attorneys understand that divorce is extremely emotional. In some situations, people exhibit unreasonable behavior. This could include not permitting real estate agents to show the home or refusing acceptable offers. There are paths to compromise. And if not, disputes can be decided by the court.

Are you divorcing in Florida and are unsure if you should keep or sell the family home? Discuss the details of your situation with the experienced legal professionals at Bruce S. Rosenwater & Associates. Our firm has the skill, resources, and experience you need to move forward with your life confidently. Family law can be complex, connect with a professional. If you need a family lawyer on your side, contact our team today.

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