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Instead of Divorce, Try Sleep Divorce


If all the problems in your marriage are related to the fact that your partner snores and you can’t get a full night of sleep, science now suggests sleeping apart to save your marriage. While sleeping in separate beds won’t save all marriages, it will certainly save the ones that are on the rocks because one or the other spouse can’t get a good night’s sleep.

Meanwhile, in America, couples have been enduring stress related to their finances and the pandemic causing more than its fair share of sleepless nights.

How Sleeping in Separate Beds Can Help Reduce Stress 

For those who work on a schedule, sleep anxiety is a well-known phenomenon. The desire to fall asleep is frustrated by the knowledge that if you don’t get a full night’s sleep, you won’t be 100% in the morning. Then you have a full day of not feeling great to look forward to. Now, what if those demands were compounded by your spouse also feeling restless. Perhaps they’re snoring more or taking all your covers. Don’t you wish you had your own covers? You could if you got a divorce. But wait, there’s another solution.

How Can Sleeping in Separate Beds Reduce Stress? 

The pandemic created a paradigm shift that the media redundantly referred to as the “new normal”. The new normal saw more Americans working from home than ever before. Those who couldn’t work from home endured the stress of being out of a job or their work was deemed “essential” within the context of the pandemic. In any event, Americans were spending an unprecedented amount of time around each other within the same four walls. This led to a kind of perfect storm where proximity between spouses became a new source of interpersonal conflict.

While most marriages did survive the pandemic, it remains unclear whether or not there will be an unprecedented amount of divorce filings once the new normal goes back to the old normal. Overall, the number of inquiries fielded by divorce attorneys has gone up (if you believe their thoughts on the subject) but overall, the number of filings has counterintuitively gone down.

Divorce Filings Down During the Pandemic 

China was the first to report that the overall number of divorces was skyrocketing during the pandemic. However, China is not like the U.S. Divorces are very easy to acquire. You simply have to go down to the right office and file your petition. U.S. divorces are much more complicated. Why? Because the U.S. is founded on Christian morals and Christian morals don’t like divorces. So couples are forced to wait before filing for divorce or can only proceed after a period of separation. Divorces take longer to process in the U.S. So the issue may not be that the pandemic isn’t causing more divorces, but that the divorces the pandemic has caused have yet to be filed.

Talk to a West Palm Beach Divorce Attorney 

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