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Factors Analyzed for Child Support Modifications


Often a critical financial component of a divorce agreement, child support payments are designed to ensure a child’s well-being and stability, but it is common for individuals to experience shifts in resources over time, and when circumstances change it may be necessary to modify child support payment amounts.

A skilled West Palm Beach family attorney understands the importance of addressing asset changes and how they impact a child support payment level. A lawyer can walk you through what factors are considered should you choose to pursue a modification of child support payments.

Factors for Increasing or Decreasing Child Support Payments

The facts that would prompt an increase or decrease in support payments will depend on the situation, but could include the following.

  • Income changes. Notable shifts in the income of either parent can be a valid reason for modifying child support payments. For example, if the paying parent’s income substantially increases, the parent receiving payments may seek an increase. Conversely, if a paying parent loses their job or experiences an income cut, they can request a support reduction so that their payments align with their current financial situation.
  • Parenting time shifts. Modifications to child support can also be approved when there are significant changes in the amount of time each parent spends with the child. So if one parent assumes a greater share of parenting responsibilities, support payments may be adjusted.
  • Expenses for educational or medical needs. Large shifts to a child’s medical or educational needs could warrant child support modifications. Examples include if a child requires medical treatments or incurs higher tuition expenses that need to be settled.
  • Additional expenses. In some situations extraordinary expenses need to be reviewed, such as the child’s extracurricular activities or a need for specialized therapies. If these are new expenses, both parents’ ability to contribute to these expenses will be considered. Then, a determination on how these additional payments will be made can be established and support payment can be adjusted accordingly.

When assessing all of these details and personal changes, a Florida court’s primary consideration will be the best interests of the child. The court will also require both parents to provide updated financial information during the modification review process. Documentation of income, assets, debts, and any changes in financial circumstances will need to be submitted.

How a Family Lawyer Can Guide You Through the Process 

A West Palm Beach family attorney with in-depth knowledge of Florida’s child support laws can assess the specifics of your case. If they determine a modification is warranted, they can also navigate the legal process of securing a payment change on your behalf.

Is it possible for you to modify your support payments? Attorneys are available to carefully evaluate the factors at play, including changes in income, parenting time, and expenses. Talk to the legal team at Bruce S. Rosenwater & Associates about how to build a strong case for a modification. They will ensure that all relevant information is presented to the court to support your request. Book your free initial consultation today.

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