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West Palm Beach Divorce Attorney > Blog > Family Law > Why Am I No Longer Receiving Child Support Payments?

Why Am I No Longer Receiving Child Support Payments?


When you are relying on child support payments to meet your household budget, it can be incredibly stressful when those payments cease. While child support is typically ordered until the child reaches the age of majority or graduates from high school, life can be messy, and there are various circumstances that can lead to the termination of payments or the need for modification.

To explore both appropriate and inappropriate reasons for a halt in child support payments and learn about steps to take to address each situation, have a convection with a seasoned West Palm Beach family attorney.

Appropriate and Inappropriate Reasons for Stopping Payments

There are a couple of situations where it is appropriate for a paying parent to stop making child support payments. For instance, generally support payments end when a child becomes an adult, typically at the age of 18 or upon high school graduation. It is then appropriate for child support payments to cease because the child has reached where they are considered legally independent.

Additionally, if a paying parent has pursued a child support modification and the process has been successful due to changes in custody arrangements, income shifts, or an adjustment in the child’s needs, it can lead to adjustments or even termination of child support payments. It’s essential to communicate these changes formally through the appropriate legal channels.

There are also times when support payments stop without a justifiable reason. Child support payments are meant to cover various aspects of a child’s well-being, including housing, education, and healthcare, so if your ex-spouse stops paying because they disapprove of how you are spending the money, it is not a valid reason. The court has established guidelines, and personal disagreements do not justify non-compliance.

It is also true that falling on hard times, while an unfortunate reality for many individuals, does not excuse the cessation of child support payments. In such situations, the paying parent needs to explore legal avenues for modifying the child support order based on the changed financial circumstances. They can’t make the decision to adjust or cease payments on their own.

What to Do When Child Support Payments Stop Inappropriately

If you believe that child support payments have stopped for inappropriate reasons, consult with a West Palm Beach family attorney. As soon as a lawyer is familiar with the details of your case they can then inform you of your options and guide you on the best course of action.

For instance, if your ex-spouse has willfully stopped child support payments without a valid reason, filing a Motion for Contempt may be necessary. This legal action informs the court of the non-compliance, and the court may impose penalties to enforce the child support order.

Is it worrisome that the child support payments you were receiving have stopped? Whether the cessation of payments is due to legitimate reasons, like a child reaching maturity, or inappropriate reasons, such as disagreements, the attorneys at Bruce S. Rosenwater & Associates can provide you with legal guidance. To explore your options for financial relief, schedule your free initial consultation today.

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