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West Palm Beach Divorce Attorney > Blog > Family Law > Dividing Multiple Properties in a Florida Divorce

Dividing Multiple Properties in a Florida Divorce


Dispersing real estate holdings when divorcing can be complicated, particularly if a couple has multiple properties, such as a primary residence, vacation homes, and rental units. Sometimes the process is complicated financially, in other situations it is emotionally charged, and often it is a bit of both.

Bring your questions about how Florida handles the division of multiple properties during a divorce to the attention of a West Palm Beach family attorney. Seasoned legal professionals are available to provide you with insights into how your marital home, vacation homes, and investment properties could be treated when a marriage dissolved.

Primary Residence, Vacation Properties, and Rental Units

For many couples, their primary residence is a significant asset. Florida law follows equitable distribution rules, meaning that marital assets need to be divided fairly, taking into account each spouse’s financial contributions and the length of the marriage. In some cases, selling the marital home makes the most sense, with the proceeds being divided between the spouses. Or if one spouse wants to retain the primary residence, other assets may be allocated to the other spouse to achieve a fair distribution.

Non-primary properties, such as vacation homes, are also subject to equitable distribution. Some factors that will be reviewed when it comes to dividing vacation home assets are the property’s value, how it was acquired, and the financial contributions of each spouse. Determining the fairest division may require negotiation or mediation to reach an agreement both parties find acceptable.

Rental properties add an additional layer of complexity, the property values, rental income, and any mortgage or maintenance expenses associated with the properties will have to be analyzed. Navigating the division of multiple properties during a divorce requires strategic planning and a thorough understanding of Florida family law.

Property Valuation and Negotiation

A divorce lawyer can provide assistance in several ways, such as guiding you through the process of assessing the fair market value of each property, taking into account factors such as market trends, appraisals, and potential maintenance or repair costs.

With current property valuation numbers in place, your layer will begin negotiation and settlement discussions, advocating for your interests each step of the way. Because your attorney keeps your long-term objectives in mind, they may be able to craft creative solutions, such as trading one property for another or agreeing to a buyout, in order for you to secure the outcome you are seeking.

Property disbursement isn’t always simple, so understanding the legal rules surrounding property division in Florida is crucial. A seasoned West Palm Beach family attorney can provide clarity on relevant laws and legal precedents, ensuring you are well-informed and prepared throughout the process.

Were you hoping to retain the marital home but your spouse is saying that is only possible if they take full ownership of your favorite vacation property? If you find yourself facing the challenge of dividing multiple properties in a divorce, seek the assistance of the skilled attorneys at Bruce S. Rosenwater & Associates. Talking to a lawyer is a proactive step toward a smoother resolution process. Schedule your free initial consultation today.

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