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Agreed-Upon Parenting Plans and Time Disputes


Just as there are a range of parenting styles, there are different types of parenting time disputes when parents are separated or divorced, and these arguments can be emotionally charged and challenging to navigate.

In many situations, an agreed-upon Florida parenting plan serves as a valuable tool to prevent and resolve disputes amicably, but if your ex-spouse is not adhering to an agreed-upon parenting plan and is not responsive when you seek to resolve parenting time issues, consult with a West Palm Beach family attorney.

Common Parenting Time Issues

Two common reasons for parenting time arguments, even when a well-crafted parenting plan is in place, include a parent consistently failing to adhere to the visitation schedule or a parent’s desire to relocate. There can also be misunderstandings, confusion about schedules, and disagreements over parenting decisions that escalate disputes.

One way that a visitation schedule could lead to disputes is if one parent interferes with the visitation rights of the other, such as refusing access or limiting communication. And should one or both of the parents want to relocate, this can spark disputes over the impact on parenting time and the child’s relationship with their parents.

Agreed-upon plans can be turned to as a first way to manage parental disputes. Hopefully, you have a parenting plan that is complete and provides clear guidelines regarding visitation schedules, holidays, special occasions, possible relocations, and communication protocols.

Of course, while a parenting plan provides structure, it should also be recognized that life can change over time. There needs to be a path to allow for reasonable flexibility to accommodate unforeseen circumstances or changes in either parent’s lifestyle or schedule.

When to Consult an Attorney

If you have turned to your parenting plan and tried to resolve the disputes on your own but arguments persist despite attempts to resolve them amicably, consulting with a family attorney is advisable. Then, legal remedies can be explored.

An attorney can offer a range of support, including the following.

  • Enforcement of orders. In cases where court orders regarding parenting time are not being followed, initiating enforcement actions can lead to compliance.
  • Modification requests. When a change in circumstances has you wanting to modify a parenting plan, an attorney can guide you through the legal process of modification.
  • Relocation concerns. If you or your ex-spouse are planning to relocate, seeking legal advice is crucial to address potential impacts on parenting time.

Whether you are having parenting time disputes during a time of separation, divorce, or post-divorce, a West Palm Beach family attorney can help. Disputes during separation may involve temporary arrangements or informal agreements, but post-divorce, parenting time disputes may be governed by the terms outlined in the final divorce decree.

What is the reason for your current parenting time dispute? When conflicts persist, talk to the legal team at Bruce S. Rosenwater & Associates. Lawyers are on hand to empower you with information about your rights, and you can also learn ways to prioritize the best interests of the kids. Schedule your free initial consultation today.

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