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West Palm Beach Child Support Attorney 

Child support comes out of the Florida law that requires both parents to financially look after their children. When parents do not live together, the financial support often comes from a court-ordered child support payment that is made from one parent to the primary care-taker of the children. The West Palm Beach child support attorneys at Bruce S. Rosenwater & Associates, P.A. assist clients in establishing child support and modifying or enforcing it should the need arise.

How Does Florida Law Determine an Amount for Child Support?

Florida law governs how much child support a parent must cover based on guidelines. This includes consideration of how much income each parent is earning, the child’s anticipated medical costs, any daycare or childcare costs, basic needs such as clothing, and how much time each parent is set to spend with the child. The goal with child support is to make the situation fair for both parties and sometimes the guidelines do not fully take into consideration the real-life situation. A skilled West Palm Beach child support attorney can help you advocate if you feel the child support should be higher or lower than what the guidelines determine.

What If I Require a Florida Child Support Order Be Modified?

The needs of children change as they grow up. They may require different health care than initially anticipated or have additional school expenditures. All of this can be taken into consideration through a request for a child support order review and modification. Florida law states that requests can only be made if the child support will not end within six months of the request date, the child support order has not been reviewed or altered in the past three years, or that you are able to identify a significant change in lifestyle that such as employment that requires an additional look into the financial support being provided to the child. It may also be necessary to modify a child support order if one child becomes an adult and is no longer a dependent, if another child needs to be added, if the timeline needs to be increased, or if there is a change in a child’s medical condition.

How Are Child Support Payments Paid?

If the support order indicates an Income Deduction Order, then the payments will be taken directly out of that parent’s regular paycheck. Employment details will need to be provided to the Florida Child Support Program to begin this deduction. A qualified Florida child support attorney can help set up the process for child support payments.

Call Our West Palm Beach Child Support Attorneys

Child support is a critical tool for custodial parents, and receiving a fair judgment can be difficult. If you are seeking child support, or are hoping to minimize child support as a paying parent due to your financial constraints, you need to speak with an experienced West Palm Beach child support attorney. Our attorneys at Bruce S. Rosenwater & Associates, P.A. are ready to help; call us today at 561-688-0991 to set up a free consultation.

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