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Trust the Best for Family Law in West Palm Beach

At Bruce S. Rosenwater & Associates, we know how complicated family law can be. From divorce settlements, to child custody and child support, the weight of these decisions goes unnoticed by no one. Thankfully, there are professional, compassionate, and experienced lawyers who can help fight for your personal rights and getting you to an outcome […]

Declaring Bankruptcy West Palm Beach, FL

Three Tips for Those Facing Bankruptcy in West Palm Beach

Bankruptcy is a real threat in the United States, with over 800,000 persons and businesses filing in the year 2016. Thankfully, the number decreases every year, but the threat to those who can see it looming overhead are very aware that its presence is still very much felt. At Bruce S. Rosenwater & Associates, we […]

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Family Law in West Palm Beach You Can Rely On

There are many different matters that are often settled through legal avenues. But, few are as sensitive or trying as family law situations. It seems that some lawyers attempt to remove all emotion from family law proceedings, but at Bruce S. Rosenwater & Associates, P.A. our attorneys understand how important sensitivity is when it comes […]

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File For Bankruptcy in West Palm Beach with Help from the Pros!

Bankruptcy can be scary. It’s one of the biggest decisions anybody will ever make, especially if it’s for the first time. Not knowing all of the answers can be half of the stress, so hiring a bankruptcy firm in West Palm Beach can be soothingly helpful. Our team at Bruce Rosenwater & Associates are highly […]

What to Know About Guardianship Law in West Palm Beach

Dealing with family law can always be difficult, and at Bruce Rosenwater & Associates, our team understands the sensitivity around these matters. Guardianship law in West Palm Beach is a serious topic, and when it comes time to either make decisions for the unforeseeable future, or step into those previously made plans, it’s important to […]

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Why Consider Declaring Bankruptcy in West Palm Beach?

There are a lot of different situations and circumstances that can make it feel like things are spiraling out of control. But few situations feel as hopeless as financial strains and overwhelming debts. It happens to politicians, musicians, doctors and people from all walks of life. Small bills quickly grow into overwhelming monoliths that keep […]