Property Dispute West Palm Beach

What Are the Best Ways to Handle Property Disputes in West Palm Beach?

Whenever you are dealing with a significant property dispute in West Palm Beach involving a house, business, condominium, or any kind of property, you may need to take it to court for resolution. These dealings usually include continual issues with your neighbors, property owners and renters, mortgage lenders, government agencies, and unwanted visitors to the […]

Bankruptcy Lawyers West Palm Beach

When Is Declaring Bankruptcy in West Palm Beach the Right Move?

Though everyone has experienced money problems at some point in their life, that doesn’t mean that everyone has needed to file for bankruptcy. If you have not made the proper preparations with budgeting and saving, you may have set yourself up for bankruptcy. Though it is not the end of the world when you go […]

Should I Start the New Year with Bankruptcy in West Palm Beach?

Debt is a major part of each day for many American households. In fact, the average household carries major debts, including over $16,000 in credit card debts and over $28,500 in car loans. That doesn’t even include all of the student loans, mortgages and personal loans many households carry. With so much debt, it can […]

Bankruptcy Law Firms West Palm Beach, FL

How Can Foreclosure Lawyers in West Palm Beach Help Me?

Though interest rates and home prices are starting to rise, not everybody is out of the financial hole that was created by The Recession. For many households, debts such as mortgages and other expenses have made it impossible to make ends meet. When this happens, foreclosure is often on the horizon. Are you facing foreclosure? […]

Bankruptcy Attorney West Palm Beach

Can Bankruptcy in West Palm Beach Help Me?

When you’re facing debts, loans and other outstanding balances that are beyond your financial abilities, things can be tough. At Bruce S. Rosenwater & Associates, P.A, we know that overwhelming debts can create massive burdens each and every day. If you’re facing debts, it may be time to consider bankruptcy in West Palm Beach. While […]

Declaring Bankruptcy West Palm Beach, FL

Can Foreclosure Lawyers in West Palm Beach Help Me?

Foreclosure can be a frightening situation to face. At Bruce S. Rosenwater & Associates, P.A, we understand that this situation needs the right approach. Our foreclosure lawyers in West Palm Beach are here to help if you’re facing foreclosure. There are many options when it comes to foreclosure defense, and finding your best fit starts […]

Real Estate Development West Palm Beach, FL

Trust the Best Real Estate Attorneys in West Palm Beach

When it comes to real estate transactions, there’s often a lot on the line. This is especially true for commercial real estate purchases, development and transactions. You’ve invested a lot of time, money and energy into your commercial real estate ventures. If you’re engaging in any form of commercial real estate transactions, it’s best to […]